Bridging Vietnam with the world

TOPTA: Your trusted partner in bridging Vietnam and the world for all your manufacturing, import-export, sourcing, and consulting needs.

Services we provide

Vietnam Manufacturing Solutions

Our manufacturing service offers efficient and precise production processes to create high-quality products for various industries.

Global Import-Export Solutions by TOPTA

Our Import-Export service offers seamless global trade solutions, ensuring efficient and secure transportation of goods worldwide.

Global Sourcing Solutions

Our sourcing service provides a formal and efficient solution for businesses to find and acquire the best suppliers and vendors for their needs.

Local establishing Consultancy

Our consulting service offers advice and guidance to local and foreign companies, helping them identify new business opportunities and facilitating the relationships

Successful Global Sourcing and Exporting Endeavors.

TOPTA, the bridging company between Vietnam and the world, has sourced, manufactured, and exported over 10 million products globally, showcasing their expertise in manufacturing, import-export, sourcing, and consulting.

Successful Global Sourcing and Exporting Endeavors.

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TOPTA: Leading Vietnam's Brand Partnerships

TOPTA successfully partnered with multiple brands to establish a strong presence in the Vietnamese market and emerged as a leader in their respective industries.

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